Here’s a way to help us build our new dining room where we look forward to hosting delicious dinner parties for friends and family. Jon and I have been searching for fun chairs to post here as part of our “unofficial registry.” If you choose to purchase one of these mismatched chairs we hope you’ll send us an email so that we can note it here on the website, and that you’ll plan to come sit in it sometime soon to enjoy a meal.

Here’s how it works:

Browse the chairs below and if you like one, click on it to go to the Pier 1 website where you’ll get the description, price and item number. But don’t order it online or you’ll have added shipping charges. Instead, call our local store and mention that you’d like to purchase a chair for Noelle Celeste & Jon Benedict’s wedding. We’ve arranged with the store manager, Cheryl, so friends can pay for a chair direct to the store and we’ll be able to go pick it up. Your email will let us know we have a lovely new chair to collect. We’ll take care of the rest. The number to the store in University Heights. is 216-297-0391.