A Few Gift Ideas

First of all, we hope it goes without saying that having you take the time to join us for our wedding celebration is the perfect gift!

It is the presence of our friends and family gathered for a few precious hours to witness our commitment to live together in love that will make our wedding such a special day. However, we know some of you want ideas about gifts that might come wrapped up with bows or in the mail, so here are ideas.

To get things started, we registered for a few items in the most traditional way… at Williams-Sonoma. We know we didn’t follow custom and register for everything under the sun, but if you look early, you might find something there you like. Simply click over to their website and look for either of us in their wedding registry.

Another idea is to participate in our “unofficial art registry.”

For those who of you who enjoy giving art, we have worked with Red Dot Project, a non-profit clearinghouse dedicated to promoting regional artists, to select a number of pieces that we think would be absolutely wonderful in our new home. See the art we are considering and to get a gift certificate to help us purchase a piece or two.

We hope all of this gives you plenty of options, but if you need more then Noelle’s sisters would be happy to give you ideas.