News & Notes : September 2009

16 September 2009

s755411409_1167605_5227This morning as I spent 20 minutes reading the paper (and avoiding packing for the honeymoon which means folding THREE baskets of laundry), I came across this article in The Plain Dealer about the couple who designed my amazing engagement ring and our wedding rings. These two wonderful people at Antrobus Designs, who Jon found on his extended search for the perfect ring, helped to set us on the path toward our wedding this weekend.

So as I prepare to head out to Kelleys today, I thought I’d share this article with all of you.


15 September 2009

sm.sidearbor Last weekend Noelle and Jon’s parents went to Kelleys to install the beautiful arbor Jon’s dad built while Jon joined his groomsmen for a weekend of fishing and golf. Now, Noelle prepares to run final errands today before heading up to Kelleys tomorrow with Josephine. We can’t wait to see you there.